Thursday, November 14, 2013

You Got to Have Friends...........

I really L-O-V-E all the beautiful comments that you sweet croppers left for me during the Hard Core Crop. I'd also appreciate it if it is in your heart, to join my bare bones little blog and follow me, and maybe tell some of your friends about me too. And I am not above bribery either...LOL (j/k). I am a Close to My Heart Consultant, and I have some prizes available for some of the people who join. I'd love to be as generous as Core and give something to everyone, but that's just not possible. First. I'd like your first Name and last Initial, and tell me if you are cards or scrap. I'm pretty sure I am set up right for new friends to join, if not, maybe someone could guide me.

SO - in this post, give me your name and info, then click my head to join, or go to the bottom and subscribe by email if you wish. Let me know if you are subbing by email. I'm also re-doing my reading list, so please include your blog address, so I can follow you too.

Here's the two Main Prizes - you could win either our CTMH card pattern book or the scrapbooking layout book. That's why I need to know whether you're a cardie or a scrappie, but for purposes of this giveaway/bribery, you have to be one or the other, not both. I also have some sweet little (and I do mean little) stamp sets of fall critters.

I'd like to get up to at least 25 new members, and if we go higher than that, I'll rattle around in my stash for additional prizes. Sound good to you ? Then hop on the bandwagon and let's win some goodies, and the prestigious honor of being one of my blog members !!

Bless all your Atlantic Hearts and anyone else who slips into my tiger trap.
xoxoLiz !

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